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Available for relief service when you need time off - vacation, continuing education, illness, surgery, pregnancy leave, family emergency/crisis. I will work days, weeks, and even months.

Available for any location in Missouri, Illinois, and Arkansas.

I enjoy clinical pathology, ophthalmology, cytology, and orthopedic surgery. My equipment includes a cytology microscope, indirect ophthalmoscope, ophthalmic surgery pack, halogen light source, a cardiac monitor with printer, and a reference library.

My goal
is to provide you with the very best, stress-free, relief service experience you have ever had.

I care
about your patients
about your clients
about your staff
about your practice
about your bottom line



To provide the very best relief service.

To work for you with the same enthusiasm as I did in my own practice.

To exceed your present ATF, and to exceed the production of other relief DVMs by offering clients the best option for each patient need.

To constantly be aware that while I am caring for clients and patients I am also caring for the investment you have made in your practice.

For you to be able to pay for my services from the monies that I generate above your ATF.

To work with your staff to exceed client expectations.

To build your confidence in me so that your much needed time away from practice will be truly carefree.


I care..., I serve